AstroConvos Partnership


Students of STEM has entered a partnership with AstroConvos to empower high school students passionate about astronomical sciences.

AstroConvos is an innovative and inclusive platform designed to support high school students worldwide who are passionate about astrophysics, astronomy, and physics. The organization’s primary goal is to provide a free and accessible space for these students to engage in various activities, such as posting articles, participating in discussions, receiving mentorship for research projects, and showcasing their achievements on college applications. The main motivation for the company lies in the fact that although high school research strengthens a student’s application, most of the organizations offering mentored research either charge a very high amount, which is absolutely unaffordable for many students or have a majority of the seats reserved for students from a particular country, making the other spots very competitive for international students, making the process of research showcasing very frustrating, AstroConvos fills up this gap for international students.

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