Speaker Spotlight

In partnership with Discourse—a YouTube channel started by our content vice president Vatsal Sivaratri—Students of STEM is spotlighting speakers with computer science experience to give an inside perspective to the ever-changing field. For a complete playlist of guest talks, check out Discourse here.

Ep. 2: Dr. Nisha Talagala on her journey in AI, AI Literacy, and AIClub & AIClub Pro

Dr. Nisha Talagala, CEO and founder of AIClub and AIClubPro

Ep. 1: Sauman Das on Club Leadership, Healthcare Inequity, and AI in Medicine

Sauman Das, Student Researcher & Incoming Freshman at the UPenn Management & Technology Program

Ep. 0: Introducing Discourse – Exploring the World of AI Together!

Join Vatsal Sivaratri, a high school junior, on a journey through the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Learn more about Discourse!

SStay up to date with the latest computer science & AI trends! Every week, Discourse will spotlight a new speaker—ranging from college undergrads to tenured professionals—to give an inside view on the ever-changing field. Whether you an expert or a beginner just getting started, Discourse is a great way to learn more about STEM in a fun and easy-to-understand way!