Coding Workshops

Coding will be one of the most important skills of the 21st century. However, fewer than half of all high schools offer coding classes, and almost no elementary/middle schools have formal coding education integrated into the curriculum. As such, Students of STEM has held free coding workshops to ensure all people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, can gain adequate foundations. We have held a variety of coding workshops/classes—both in-person and online—through organic marketing efforts, as well as partnerships with the Girl Scouts of America and the Edy Foundation.

Group Online Python Classes

Every 2 months, Students of STEM holds a 6 session long Python class. These classes cover the basics of the Python language, such as print statements, numbers, if statements, boolean operators, for loops, lists, and more. This gives students a platform for creating their own future projects

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Girl Scouts of America

Committed to spreading STEM awareness, Students of STEM held a Java workshop with a local Girl Scouts troop. The workshop lasted approximately 2 hours, during which the girls learned to code their own memes and videos. This exposed them to new programming concepts in a fun and creative way while giving them resources to continue their projects in the future!

Learn more about the Girl Scouts of America and our partnership here.

The EdY Project

The Edy Project is a California non-profit dedicated to supporting autistic and low-income children. Aligned with this mission, Students of STEM is providing free after-school coding classes to students from underfunded school districts, helping those who need it the most gain a platform to pursue future projects.

Learn more about the Edy Foundation and our partnership with them here.

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