Our STEM workshops aim to showcase the creativity involved in STEM, exposing kids to opportunities and potential career paths in the field. Through our partnerships with the Boys & Girls Clubs or Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy, we focus on delivering our STEM activities to urban students who need it the most. We hope our workshops can generate excitement and awareness, helping cultivate a future generation of innovators and leaders.

Boys & Girls Club

Committed to spreading STEM awareness, Students of STEM held workshops with Boys & Girls Clubs around the community. These workshops feature scientific demonstrations and engineering competitions to excite and raise awareness about key STEM concepts.

Learn more about the Boys & Girls Club and our partnership with them here.

Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy

Students of STEM has held a workshop with the Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy. In this, high school ambassadors facilitated scientific demonstrations and engineering experiments/competitions. Afterward, students were given resources to continue STEM endeavors in the future.

Learn more about the Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy and our partnership with them here.

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