Online 1-on-1 Classes

Since our founding in 2021, one-on-one classes have been core to our organization’s mission. We found that STEM concepts often had the hardest learning curve for students. Without strong foundations, students are barred from pursuing careers such as innovators or programmers. This is why we aimed to provide high-quality STEM education to students who needed it the most.

Through our one-on-one classes, we provide hyper-specialized attention that is often overlooked in school classrooms or other group class formats, ensuring strong foundations that carry over for future education. Rather than charging exuberant fees, however, we provide our services free-of-charge to ensure it is accessible to all.

Given our goal of providing strong STEM foundations, we gear our one-on-one classes more towards Scratch coding and math, which can empower students to pursue later STEM topics. However, we have also facilitated other activities, ranging from reading help, science tutoring, SAT prep, advanced Python, etc. Most of our classes consist of 6-8 hour long sessions, though we frequently extend this to 10 or even 15 classes if the student requests further support.